• Life’s Echo will honour any person at any stage of life – an anniversary, birthday, retirement, special honour or accomplishment – a tribute to a life well lived may always be commemorated with a portrait! Standard pricing for the original ($2500 for a full sized portrait or $1950 for a 6-inch portrait) and replicas ($695 for full size and $525 for 6-inch) will apply.

  • The full sized portrait in concrete medium is approximately 3/4 to life size and weighs up to seven pounds (approximately 3 kg). The smaller portrait in bronze is approximately 6-inches and weighs less than a pound.

    A full sized portrait finished in cold-cast bronze will weigh less than two pounds.

  • A minimum of six (6) photos are requested to begin the work. The photos can be from any era of the subject’s life. Photos should represent an expression that is typical of the subject and that the family would want depicted.

  • Clay can be fragile when the material tapers or stands away from the body of the piece. Fine features (such as hair or hat brims) that extend beyond the mass of the clay can be easily damaged. Glasses that stand away from the face and deep crevasses in hair can be fragile and extremely difficult to cast.

    Facial hair and large hairdos may be adjusted to suit the medium. Glasses will be depicted attached to the face. Hats will have smaller brims. Ribbons and bows may be altered.

  • The portrait is of the face only. Ears and neck may or may not be included, depending on the angle of the face; however, shoulders and clothing other than head coverings will not be included.

  • The family will be asked to designate one person to represent the family and work with the artist. That person will have responsibility for providing feedback, giving approval and signing off on the work so it can be cast.

  • Communication will be over the internet for the exchange of photos and videos. Discussions will be by telephone or video-telephony such as Skype or FaceTime.

  • You will have two (2) opportunities to see photos and/or videos of the portrait in progress and provide comments and feedback directly to the artist by phone. The third time you see the portrait will be for approval. You will be sent a sign-off form to give your approval. Once Life’s Echo receives the approval in writing, the work will be allowed to dry and will be cast.

  • Third and subsequent revisions will be at additional cost: $300 per revision and $1,000 for a substantial make-over. Payment will be received before the work begins.

  • The work takes approximately a week to dry and up to three weeks to cast, depending on the numbers ordered. The schedule will depend on the timeliness of the communication between the family and the artist, and the number of revisions. Delays in returning calls and providing feedback will delay the delivery of the portrait.

  • Custom colours are available at a cost of $150 per colour.

  • Yes, portraits are available in cold-cast bronze — in fact it is our preferred medium! The prices do not change for casting in bronze.

  • The full urn is approximately 12” x 12” x 1.5” (30.5 x 30.5 x 3.8 cm) and holds just under 200 cubic inches (3.2 L). As it is hand-crafted, the urn may be special-ordered in a larger size if needed.

  • Moulds are kept for 10 years and within that time, copies may be ordered at prices current at the time.

  • There is a custom-designed mounting system that anchors the piece to the wall. A mount will be included with each portrait delivered. 


  • The full urn hangs as you would hang a painting on the wall. The urn also includes a stand for placing on a table or shelf.

  • A hand-crafted, brushed aluminum stand may be purchased for the full sized portrait or keepsake urn. The stand is approximately 11” (28 cm) tall.

  • The family will advise Life’s Echo whether they want to receive the urn(s) or have the urn(s) delivered to the funeral service provider for filling. Life’s Echo cannot handle ashes.

  • The urn is not designed for a columbarium; however, the six-inch portrait is specifically created for a glass-fronted niche. It sits on a frame in front of an urn chosen by the family, or it may be mounted on a rectangular metal or wood urn purchased from a funeral service provider. For a stone-fronted niche or mausoleum, the portrait may be equipped with brass fittings and epoxied directly into the stone.

    Life’s Echo must know about plans for placement in a columbarium at the time the order is placed, as there may be size and other considerations for the work.

  • Payments are accepted on-line through PayPal, VISA or MasterCard. The first installment is made when you place your order and covers the initial artwork, mould and casting. The next installment is made when you agree the portrait is complete and give authorization for its casting. This is the final payment for all additional copies, urns, stands, shipping and handling, and all applicable taxes. If you request revisions to the portrait beyond the two revisions included in the original price, those payments will be made as interim payments at the time the revisions are requested.

    If you are working with a funeral service provider who offers Life’s Echo products, payments may be made directly through the provider.

  • Once payment is received, the family sends photographs and discusses them with the artist. If for any reason the work does not go ahead after these discussions, the money will be refunded. Once the physical work of sculpting begins, the payment is non-refundable.

  • Yes! Life’s Echo will work with clients in the US or overseas, and will ship anywhere in the world. Charges for shipping, handling, and applicable taxes will be determined after the order is placed. All payment will be in Canadian Dollars. Delivery times will vary.

  • Details are spelled out in the Life’s Echo contract. To commission the work, please complete the order form and contract. Email them back to Life’s Echo and make your initial payment. Then send the photos and let’s get started!

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  • Please contact Life’s Echo directly to talk with us and receive an information package.

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