A Life’s Echo portrait is an original work of art, created in clay by a sculptor and cast in a lustrous concrete medium or cold-cast bronze. The finished piece is a life-like representation of the subject’s face as seen through the creative eyes of the artist, Ellie Shuster.

The portrait is based on photographs supplied by the family. As the work progresses, the artist sends photos and/or video of the work back for a family spokesperson to provide the feedback needed to make sure the likeness reflects the subject’s personality.

Once the family approves the finished artwork, the piece is allowed to dry and a silicone mould is created. Using cold-cast bronze or a custom-pigmented concrete medium, the work is cast to make as many portraits, in bronze or as many colours, as requested. The finished pieces are hand polished to a rich patina, ready for shipping to the family or funeral service provider.

Given timely communication, the process should take approximately 12 weeks.

Original photo

Work in progress

Video for approval

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